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Mobile DJ’s servicing the Columbus NE (Nebraska) area since 2000.
Weddings, Proms, business functions, anniversaries and much more!!!

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We are Infinity Lights and Sound. Mobile DJ's serving the Coluambus, Nebraska area since 2000

This is Jim My name is Jim Stahl, last I checked I was 37. I am happily married and my wife comes with me to almost every event to help out. After helping DJ with some friends for several years I decided to start my own Mobile DJ company in 2005. Experience-wise, I first started DJing in 2000. After over 20 years of retail and public relations experience, I have became very adept at working in 'difficult situations' and like to believe I am the most friendly DJ in the area (though for the most part, all the local DJ companies are very friendly). With every event we offer free of charge a tube of 100 glow bracelets.

We have a state of the art 9000 watt, all Digital Sound System. Our basic package also includes full dance lighting (our smallest light show is larger than most dj's biggest light show) 4 x 15 inch (1000 watt) main speakers and a 15 inch(1000 watt) subwoofer (many DJ's charge extra for this). Our subwoofer is used to accent the music, not to overpower it. There are upgrade options available with each package such as a subwoofer upgrade (2 x 18 inch 1600 watt subwoofers powered by a 4000 watt amplifier) for those who like some boom boom that they can feel with their music! We also provide, free of charge, the use of our wireless microphone system (4 quality wireless microphones total), great for general announcements, prayers or for toasts at your wedding.

I will show up in a suit unless you specify otherwise. For Weddings, Proms and other black tie events, I will show up in a Tux. From a Hawaii tshirt to a tux, we will dress however you want us to. We will show up at least 2 1/2 hours early so we are ready to go when you are.

Our main music library is almost 40,000 songs stored in very high quality on our mobile computer system. We have just about everything from ACDC to Led Zeppelin including some of the most recent in Christian music, alternative, jazz, blues, polka and a variety of music from around the world. We have mobile internet which allows us access to a even larger variety of music. We strongly believe in backup systems, and have a backup for just about everything we bring.

No event is too small or too large, from grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, Christmas parties for businesses to high school proms, we do it all. From a 40 person wedding reception to a 1500 person grand party, our sound system is quickly and easily expandible to suit just about every situation. Upon request we can bring a few party games like Limbo, The Match Game as well as many others.

We set ourselves apart by offering many things: Our basic light show is larger than many dj's 'large' light show, did I mention we give away a 100 count tube full of glow bracelets? We show up with a well stocked first aid kit, no charge to dress up in a Tuxedo for formal events, we don't charge extra for every 'little' thing that comes up, our sound system is high quality; with impressive sound (have been told quite few times that its the best sound system within 100 miles...), we are more than happy to work with you (and often go above and beyond) to customize your event the way you want it to be, from our basic to our premium systems... they are impressive to admire. IF you request a song to be added to the 'do not play list' rest assured it will NOT be played. I am very good with kids, and I usually bring a few things to keep the kids occupied (at least for a while).

Not so much looking for a Mobile DJ as you are looking for live sound support, our system supports up to 7 wireless microphones and 6 wired microphones. We have portable stage lighting and experience working with casual musicians to famous professional bands.

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