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Mobile DJís servicing the Columbus NE (Nebraska) area since 2000.
Weddings, Proms, business functions, anniversaries and much more!!!

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Question: Prices?

Answer: Do note this is not a fixed number, there may be multiple variables involved, but the typical price for a standard 4 hour event is $500 - 600$ which includes our basic package (3 speaker sound system, wireless microphones, subwoofer & about 8-10 lights). Also included in this package at no charge is a 1 hour of background music. We never charge for setup and teardown. Depending on the type of event, there may be additional discounts applied. In the unlikely chance you request equipment we do not have on hand, we will inform you, and only charge you our actual costs for renting the equipment. For multiple event planning, we offer a 10% discount ie: high school homecoming and prom, multiple weddings in a family, employee Christmas party & employee kid's Christmas party etc... All we ask is for the deposit to be ready and the dates are already planned.

Question: Payment?

Answer: We request the deposit up front; this will guarantee the date for your event. We are always happy with our customers that choose to pay up front in full. Matter of fact, IF in addition to the deposit, you have the full amount in cash, I will offer a 20$ discount. Please do not send payment without checking with us for availability first. There might be that 1 in a million shot that someone has already scheduled an event for that day, or we are in some other way unavailable. We are always happy to take cash, but will also accept checks and Paypal. (NOTE: the 20$ advance discount, does not apply for paypal payments)

Question: Suggestions for finding the 'right' Mobile DJ?

Answer: When you first go seeking a Mobile DJ, you will find a somewhat wide variety in prices. Don't always automatically go with the cheapest or most expensive DJ service without first checking them out. There are quite a few 'bottom feeders', people who use illegally downloaded music, running on illegally acquired software (pirated) and often use sub standard equipment. These are the people who give honest quality DJ companies a bad rep. You want a DJ company that is in the business as much for fun as they are for making money. BUT there is always people trying to 'break into' the DJ market, they often in order to establish a name for themselves, do offer cheaper rates. Sometimes the most expensive companies have slightly inflated charges, this is not always a bad thing, you DO get what you pay for, but make sure to check them out first. Not all DJ companies are created equal, not all DJ's can balance friendliness with: motivating the crowd, selecting the right music & operating the lights.

EVERY DJ company charges for travel. Many hide it in their price quote and don't directly inform you of this, and sometimes their travel fees are incorporated into their base price

Word of mouth is often the best way to find the 'best' DJ service. Also remember that just because a DJ that was ideal for grandma and grandpa's anniversary does not mean they will be perfect for your age 20 or 30 something wedding. Plain and simple, everyone had different needs that need to be fulfilled, and not everyone's idea of a 'good party' is the same. Make sure you know what IS and is NOT offered under their basic packages. Many DJ services have 'hidden costs'... not every DJ service offers dance lighting at no additional charge, many charge extra for use of their wireless microphone systems, and often they will charge extra if you want them to dress up (Tux or fancy suit). By asking around, you will usually find out a lot about a given DJ company. Not sure who to ask, try asking one of your local halls, they have typically had plenty of different DJ companies pass through, and almost always have their own opinions of any given DJ company.

IMPORTANT info (more reason to 'check around' first), many DJ's will refuse to play songs you have specifically requested ahead of time, and for lengthy play lists, many may only play 1 or 2 of the songs on the list, many Mobile DJ services, say they will play or not play certain songs, but when the time comes, they play what they want to. The ONLY way to get around this is to find out by word of mouth about different companies. Some Mobile DJ services will have a whole section of their service contract dedicated to laying out on paper so its official, what they will or will not do.

SPECIAL INFO for individuals requesting Christian Music: It has just came to my attention from talking to various ministers from different churches, that in this area, there are many DJ services that do NOT cater specifically to Christian Music. Make sure if you are requesting primarily Christian music to be played, that the DJ service will cooperate, or has enough current Christian music to fulfill your needs. It may or may not be necessary to try to get an additional service contract written up in this special case. Being a Christian myself I found it important to keep many up to date Christian songs and Hymens (around 1,000 or so) as well as popular and 'classic' Christian Music. Just make sure whatever Mobile DJ service you choose is capable of fulfilling your needs.

Make sure they are Insured! Not every DJ company is actually insured. If something bad unfortunately happens, many contracts might state something along the lines that the company is not responsible for accidents, that its the responsibility of whoever 'hired' them. BUT contracts can not protect someone from negligence. Itís required by law that community halls have some sort of insurance, but not everything that happens inside the hall is necessarily covered. If you are having a house party, typically home owners insurance (liability insurance) will work, but it makes things simpler if the company is insured in the first place. If the service contract you are about to sign is a long one with a lot of 'fine print' take a few minutes to actually read it, if the DJ company rep seems to get impatient while you are reading their contract, it might be a bad sign, either something is in the contract that they don't want you to notice, or that they are impatient, thus not always going to be the most friendly person to be around...

Don't always believe the first thing you read. From time to time, every DJ company will have a client that is not very cooperative, or is so picky they have to find something to complain about. Many DJ companies will try to 'slam' their competition (make them sound bad), this is not always a good thing, often times a company that is resorting to slamming the competition is desperate for business ('might' be a sign they are not a very popular company).

Question: Can you help us with wedding planning?

Answer: We know several good photographers, awesome caterers and florists and would be more than happy to help direct you in that area. We are more than willing to offer suggestions to make your special day go off without a hitch. As for detailed wedding/event planning we can help direct you to quality online sources, or suggest local companies that would be better suited to helping you for detailed planning.

Question: What do you actually 'charge' for?

Answer: Good question. Many DJ companies actually charge you each time you use their wireless microphones, charge to use a subwoofer, charge extra for more than just using simple par lights, and some have even gone so far as to charge for song requests. We provide all of these things for FREE, even with our basic package. We will only charge extra for: our Premium (Tier 3) lighting package (intense 20+ lights lighting package which is ideal for medium to large dance floors) and if your event goes significantly longer than planned (10 or 15 minutes is not a problem). We are capable of providing additional party games, and only ask that you ask us in advance so we can pack them. We can also offer glow items (bracelets, necklaces etc...). For weddings we sell these in advance at a very discounted price, for fund raisers we share the profits on sales. In the unlikely event that you request equipment we do not have on hand, we will only charge you our cost for renting said equipment, but you will be notified of said expenses. Additional charges that 'may apply': significantly more guests than we were told, going more than 10 minutes or so over agreed on time, damage to equipment when the fault is NOT Infinity Lights and Sound's fault, and is not an act of god (this amount will not normally exceed the insurance deductible), last minute changes of agreed on plans 'may' change the charged amount, ie: change of dates. In the unlikely event that your event is cancelled, 1/2 of the agreed upon price is non refundable (this is a standard dj policy before you get concerned), this is in order to help cover some of our costs of preparing for the event, and make up for 'gigs' we had to turn down.

Question: What kind of music can you play?

Answer: We can play just about any kind of music from ACDC to Led Zeppelin including current Christian music, Waltz, Salsa Polka, Pop, Classical, Country and various music (basically just about any kind of music) from around the world. Yes we have the Limbo song (with the stands and pole to actually do the limbo), chicken dance, hokey pokey and just about every other favorite. Our music library consists of nearly 40,000 songs (typical dj companies only offer 10-15,000 songs. We will not normally play inappropriate music (explicit lyrics). You may notice part of our contract is a listing of various types of music, this is simply to assist the dj in selecting the proper music for your event, and does not restrict you to the types of music we will play at your event. BUT our contract will guarantee that we will play the songs you have listed (usually up to 10, except weddings will usually have more listed.), assuming they follow our 2 major restrictions: NO explicit lyrics (if it has ANY explicit lyrics its the call of the DJ whether or not its appropriate to play), AND the songs are appropriate to the event.

Question: What types of events can you DJ for?

Answer: We can DJ for just about every type of event. We can do weddings, school dances, birthday parties, anniversaries, employee parties for businesses and even barnyard dances. For outdoor events we will typically only bring our sound system and par lights and a tent to cover our equipment. No event is too big or too small. We typically don't do indoor house parties, but for large houses we will not rule them out. Unfortunately for Karaoke we don't keep copies of lyrics on hand, but we can easily do Karaoke. We are capable of providing additional party games, and only ask that you ask us in advance so we can pack them.

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